Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Examples of Roles at Commercial Power Plants

    • Reactor Engineering - Responsible for accident analysis using met tower data
    • Licensing - Met tower regulatory commitments and LBD management
    • EP and ERO members - Interested party for real time met data and offsite dose software applications. Dose projectionists in Emergency Response Organizations that want better understanding of meteorology and how to  recognize instruments providing inaccurate data.
    • Environmental Services - Responsible for environmental monitoring based on met tower data and data trending
    • Chemistry - Responsible for a) effluent monitor setpoint calculations and b) routine and abnormal release dose calculations both based on real time and historic met tower data
    • System Engineering - Responsible for instrument performance
    • Work Planning and scheduling - Responsible for repair of met tower instruments
    • IT - Responsible for met tower data software and computer hardware support
    • I&C - Responsible for Surveillances (calibrations)
    • Maintenance - Responsible for preventive & corrective maintenance
    • QA - Responsible for oversight of effluent and environmental programs which include meteorological data
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