Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Just a few more details prior to Registration.  It is time to start putting your Presentation slides together. 

  • Meeting Location – Savannah, Georgia - at the Westin Savannah
  • Call for Papers – If you wish to present a paper at the upcoming conference, please submit your abstract to Clay Madden (See "About NUMUG" for contact information).
    • Date abstracts are due - May 1
    • Date to receive completed papers/presentations - June 15
  • Meeting Agenda
    • June 22, 2014 Sunday
      • ANSI Meetings
      • Welcoming Dinner at The Shrimp Factory (a free ferry will take us there)
    • June 23, 2014 Monday
      • Presentations
      • Social Event - Riverboat Dinner Cruise - (a free ferry at the Westin dock takes us there)
    • June 24, 2014 Tuesday
      • Presentations
      • Closing Business Meeting 
  • Registration: We should have the Registration cost by March 3rd. We will then 'unhide' the registration pages on this website.    

Suggested Topics

  • Differences between dispersion and deposition computer codes.
  • Wet deposition calculations.
  • Significance of using real-time vs 5-yr average dispersion values for monthly, quarterly, or annual offsite dose.
  • Radon and progeny levels vs met conditions.
  • Importance of documenting dispersivity not modeled in codes (like fog, smoke, snow, rain, etc).
  • Comparing stability class differences using delta t vs sigma theta, vs solar irradiance, etc.
  • Comparing Bruce Turner's equations with XOQDOQ equations.
  • Calibration frequency of met tower instruments and rain gauges - what experience is showing
  • The relative value of a rain gauge.
  • Routine and accident plume modeling; methods, software, and resources
  • Pros and Cons of instrument types
  • Available data analysis software
  • The Need for Meteorological Monitoring Programs for Nuclear Power Plants
  • Calibration Procedures/methods
  • Meteorological Data Requirements to Meet the Needs of Emergency Management Programs
  • Sonic Anemometry
  • Software Quality Assurance (SQA) of Meteorological Data
  • Available data delivery systems
  • Data sharing
  • Solar azimuths, Clouds, and Photosynthesis – when is C-14 being taken up in plants.
  • Methods to spot bad data?
  • Upcoming new or revised regulations and standards 
  • Problems with current regulations
  • A traveling NUMUG assessment team?
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