Wednesday, September 20, 2017

2012 numug mEETING







NRC Actions in Response to the Japan Nuclear Accident


Brad Harvey

Meteorologist/Technical Manager





The Impact of the April 27, 2011 Severe Weather Outbreak on TVA’s Radiological Emergency Preparedness Program


Jennifer M. Call, CCM, Kenneth G. Wastrack, & Toree M. Cook

Tennessee Valley Authority





Pasquill Stability Classification for Safety Related Atmospheric Dispersion Modeling at DOE’s Savannah River Site


Matthew J. Parker, CCM

Savannah River National Laboratory





The Impacts of Heavy Snow in Montana on Radiological Dose Assessment in Nebraska   


James Holian






What Data Would Be Best To Use In My Calculation?


Mark Abrams

ABS Consulting






How often is it necessary to calculate X/Q and D/Q and to revise programs? -A Peer Discussion. 


Clay Madden

Energy Northwest




NRC Update 2012:  Plans and Status for Updating Regulatory Guidance Related to Climatology, Meteorology, and Atmospheric Dispersion Modeling


Kevin Quinlan / Mike Mazaika

NRC Meteorologists




Quality Assurance Requirements for Meteorological Data Used in Permitting a Nuclear Power Plant


Ping Wan





How to Estimate 100-Year Return Coincident Wet Bulb?


Y. J. Lin, PhD, CCM, QEP & Steve Weinbeck, PhD; Environmental Engineering Staff

Bechtel Power Corporation, Frederick, MD




Meteorological Monitoring Towers in the Age of License Renewal


Mark T. Carroll, Heather A. Cramond, Andrew J. Lotz, Murray and Trettel, Inc., Palatine, Illinois




Support to Emergency Planning: A Brief History of Meteorological Data Collection and Dose Prediction Modeling at PG&E


Ed McCarthy

Pacific Gas and Electric




ANSI/ANS 2.15/2.16 Standards Update


John Ciolek

AlphaTRAK, Inc.




ANSI/ANS 3.11 Standard Update


Tom Bellinger







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